Optics for Heat Sensing

Optical Challenges in the Heat Sensing Applications

Devices with heat-sensing functions like thermal sensors or life detectors consist of optical components like infrared lenses that are required to be high-quality optical spheres or aspheres working well for the middle wave and long wave infrared range.

In addition, some infrared heat imagers and infrared thermometers will install germanium-coated lenses, considering the waveband of 8-14um. Generally speaking, without optical coating, the transmission level of those lenses is only 40-50%, while it can reach 90% after being processed with anti-reflective coating, which could improve the heat sensitivity and temperature measurement distance of the devices. Furthermore, most customers will choose to continue to coat DLC film on the germanium-coated lenses to improve the hardness to a certain explosion-proof effect. And all of those ask for highly reliable optics and production services to achieve.

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We Know What You Need in this Field

Are you looking for reliable custom optics related to lasers? We are here to fulfill your OEM needs.

Noni is Your Go-to Heat Sensing Optics Manufacturer

Noni provides custom optics services and guarantees the most stringent quality control measures by carrying out end-to-end inspection, testing, and metrology throughout the whole production process. So we could deliver rigorous-quality heat-sensing optics to meet even tough requirements.

For the heat-sensing area, we’ve been reliably supplying security platforms with custom optics in spherical, aspherical, curved, and more shapes that work in IR, Visible, and UV wavebands.

Committed to High-Standard Products

Precise Heat Sensing Optics

High Trasmission or Blocking Level

High Damage Thredshold

High-level Edge Design

High-performance Coatings

MWIR and LWIR Wavelengths

Light-weight Optical Design

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The Suitable Optical Components for Your Application

Custom Material & Substrate

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Custom Coatings

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FAQ, Your Handy Product Guide

Some important information you might want to know.

  • Do you offer standard optic components (Shelf Products) ?
    No, we don’t sell shelf products. We offer customization service according to your requirements for specific projects or brands equivalent.
  • What substrates do you use for custom optical components?
    Our most frequently used substrates are Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), Zinc Sulfide (ZnS), Silicon, Germanium (Ge), Copper, Aluminum, Mo, PMMA, Chalcogenide Glasses, etc.
  • Can you help to customize according to samples we offered?
    We highly recommend producing according to specific drawings. Since there are lots of indexes which can not be obtained by measuring samples, such as requirements of material.
  • What's your MOQ for customized projects?
    We set very low MOQ for customization projects. But of course, price will be quoted according to the quantity to cover our production cost.
  • How to protect my personal information and our technical information?
    Don’t worry, we will sign the NDA with all our customers if needed.
  • What shipping methods are available?
    We commonly use UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, SF, EMS etc. We also accept your own appointed forwarder.
  • What's the lead time for sampling, for mass production?
    For customization projects, sampling lead time will be 1 to 2 weeks. For mass production, 1 to 2 months for orders with quantity 1000 to 2000 pieces.
  • Can you offer all the Certificates required by our customs and our company?
    Every product that leaves the factory has been carefully tested. We would like to offer you all the certificates required by your side. Such as:
    • Raw material certificate and technical drawing
    • RoHS Report of substrate
    • Inspection report (data) of 3D optical profiler, surface flatness etc.
    All products delivered by us will be carefully cleaned and packaged.

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