Highly Professional Custom Optics Manufacturer

Noni processes high-level optical components including infrared optics, laser optics, visible optics, and UV optics with optic diameters up to 800mm.

Multiple optical components with high performance

Strictly high quality from material to coatings

Sustainable productivity and fast delivery

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Challenges Solved Properly

Having a wealth of product and process experience, Noni is able to detect the most suitable way to save time and minimize tolerance.

OEM Needs Met Fully

Noni is ready to provide all-around customization solutions, fulfilling your OEM needs of any optical structure, precision, size, surface, coating, etc.

Communication Made Smoothly

At Noni, you could always have effective and efficient communication, for our industry know-how is deep enough to cut things short.

Our Products, Made to Your Needs

Just share your optical component drawing and specification table, we will dedicate to producing your custom optics with required material, shape, and coating.

We've Got Capabilities to Realize Your Ideal Optics

Noni is not only a custom optics manufacturer, but also a challenge solver with in-depth experience of machining and latest optics technologies.

Precisely producing aspheric surface, freeform surface, diffractive surface, and more optical shapes

Highly skilled at processing optics with diameters 20-400mm

Minimizing radius aberration or tolerances

Ensuring regular and smooth optics surfaces to the max extent

Witness Our Capabilities
Single Point Dimond Turning | Noni Custom Optics ManufacturerDiamond Turning >

With in-house single point diamond turning machines, we’re poised to process your challenging optics.

Custom Optics Manufacturer offers Components Design and ProductionDesign Coordination >

With in-house single point diamond turning machines, we’re poised to process your challenging optics.

CNC turning | Noni Custom OpticsCNC Grinding >

Grinding spherical and aspherical surfaces, normal and complex profiles with high accuracy.

Infrared Optics Pitch PolishingPitch Polishing >

Our conventional polishing is ensuring detailed quality for spherical and large optical surfaces.

IR optics coatingsCustom Optical Coating >

All coatings are processed within Noni and totally high quality for correct optical effects.

ZnSe Infrared Optics SubstrateSpecial Optics Customization >

Supporting special custom needs like unique shapes, sizes for scientific and institute use.


Custom Optics Manufacturer | metrology and testingMetrology and Testing >

We test both before and after coating, and cover all methods making sure precise spec.

Why Choose Us

We know the products and technology so well to optimize your solution and shorten the cost cycle.

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Experienced Since 2008

Been highly focused in the industry and continuously solving clients’ problems.
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Vast Material Resources

Backed by integrated and reliable materials from glass, plastic, to metal.
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High-End Customization


Armed with cutting-edge equipment and processing capabilities.

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Unlimited Innovation


Always developing the latest optical manufacturing process and technique

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Follow the Steps, Start An Efficient Cooperation

Working with Noni will be a worry-free and productive process.


Send Your Inquiry

Tell us what you need and what results you are expecting.


Submit Your Spec. Table

Share detailed specifications and the drawing of your optics.


Evaluation & Quotation

We’ll carefully evaluate the data, lead time, and feedback the price.


Sample Providing

We provide a sample of same material or make a guide sample.


Volume Production

Guided by what we confirmed, mass production will go ahead.


Inspection & Testing

Strict monitor and test will be conducted through the process.


Punctual Delivery

Your custom optical components will be delivered timely.


Lasting Support

Delivery is not the end. We go on supporting your project actively.

A work is checking ZnSe Lenses | Noni Custom Optics

More About Us

Noni is a custom optics manufacturing company based in China, professionally serving big names nationwide and also abroad for years. In addition to the factory in Jiangsu Province, we also set up a trade office in Guangzhou City, a major trade center all around the world, for the better convenience of overseas customers.

We are highly recognized for our solid industry know-how and efficient coordination abilities. So far we’ve played a strong part in the area of IR optics, VIS optics, and laser optics throughout the market. While we never stop our pace and continue to develop better materials and technology for the optical system.

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Our Specialized Team, Your Strong R&D Backing

At Noni, we have three sophisticated manufacturing workshops and three talent offices in the Technology Innovation Industrial Park of Jiangsu, where hundreds of our engineers are working so hard and focusing on the field.

In our team, we have no lack of talents with Ph.D., master’s, and highly professional research personnel from institutions. All of us will be happy to work out the most suitable solution for your optical program and develop something new for a higher level.

Custom Optics Manufacturer | Measuring
Custom Optics Manufacturer | icon RoHS

RoHS Compliant Materials, ECO-friendly Optics

Rest assured of the high standards of our optical components when talking about materials. Noni is committed to environment protection and your needs for green products and supplies only compliant custom optics.

Environment-friendly optical materials meeting RoHS requirements

Sustainable production processes saving energy and reducing wastes

Taking social responsibilities and caring for the communities

Explore Our Sustainability


A hard evidence for our reliability is that we keep addressing clients’ challenges and grow with them.

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