Custom Optics

As a specialized custom optics manufacturer, Noni supplies high-performance custom elements made to specifications or built to print.

A Quick Look at Our Optical Customization Elements

infrared substrate

Custom Material & Substrate

Optics materials make great impact on the final optical properties, and we provide one of the best substates.

Infrared Materials

Visible Optical Glass

Chalcogenide Glass

Plastic Materials

Metallic Materials

More on Demand

IR Optics

Custom Shape & Structure

From general to special surface profiles, we are able to achieve high quality by advanced machines and techniques.

Optical Lenses

Optical Filters

Optical Mirrors

Optical Reflectors

Optical Prisms

Optical Domes

Optical Polarizers

IR optics coatings

Custom Coatings

All coatings are processed within our workshop and precisely applied in accordance to your requirements.

Anti-reflection Coating

Multi-band Coating

Conductive Coating

Edge Filter Coating

Variable Coating

Metallic Coating

Dielectric Coating

Benefit from Noni's OEM Strength

Leverage our all-around customization capabilities to empower and energize your custom optics programs.

In-House Production

We assure you all processes are within our own workshops that only produce and deliver trusted-quality custom optics.

All-around Customization

Your customization challenges will be properly solved at Noni, from custom optical design coordination to finished products.

Highly Reliable Quality

Consistently supplying superior-quality and high-precision custom optics is our commitment for each order or each batch.

Product Categories of Our Custom Optical Components

Explore our products and find your suitable custom optics solutions.

Custom Optical LensesCustom Optical Lenses >

Used in various imaging devices,  our custom lenses obtain high transmittance and reliable features of light focus or dispersal.

Custom Optics Aluminum Reflector MirrorsCustom Optical Mirrors >

Our optical mirrors are high-level precision optical components made of strictly selected substrate material and polished in detail.

custom infrared opticsCustom Optical Filters >

For selectively transmitting different wavelengths of light, we provide excellent-quality optical filters with effective coatings.

Custom Beam SplittersCustom Optical Beamsplitters >

With multiple surface finish qualities and structures, our custom beam splitters perform well in splitting beams into two or more beams.

Custom Optical PrismsCustom Optical Prisms >

With quality flat polished surfaces and highly accurate design, our custom prisms could reflect light to the set angle you need.

custom infrared opticsSpecial Optics Domes >

Worked as hemispheric windows, our custom domes are well made of various substrates, ideal for visible, IR, or UV wavebands.

Custom Aspheric Optics

We offer custom glass aspheres and infrared aspheres (silicon, ge, ZnSe etc). Our aspheres are made with high-precision CNC milling and polishing for accuracy.

What Clients Think of Noni's Customization Services

We give Noni a high credit for they send us really good quality optics. We appreciate their efforts in making the exact OEM optical lenses we need for our devices. A very nice cooperation experience.
Thank you for your on-time delivery and stable supplies, so that we could apply the optics on schedule. After several times of working together, we are impressed by the high surface quality of your products.

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