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Every aspect you need to know about Noni, your trustworthy custom optics manufacturer.

Noni's Story

A Custom Optics Manufacturing Company

Rooted in China, and deeply dived in the industry of optical components and systems, Noni is a custom optics production and development company. In order to serve overseas clients better and also provide them with more convenience when participating in fairs, besides the factory in Jiangsu Province, we also set up a trade office in Guangzhou City, a major trade center all around the world.

Noni was founded in 2014, and our major members have been in the optics field since 2008. With profound knowledge and experience, we are proudly serving big names and important institutions by supplying them with high-performance IR optics, VIS optics, UV optics, laser optics, and furthermore reliable services.

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Noni's Commitment

Professional Products and Reliable Services

Nothing more significant than professional optics that really meet your actual needs, we suppose. Because sometimes asymmetric information and the real situation might affect the final result, and we help to balance it.

For example, you could have higher expectations and specification requirements from the design perspective, we would try our best to meet your specific needs while optimizing the process (reduce or add or change) to ensure feasibility, saving time and costs.

What We Do

What we do is what we are enthusiastic about and focused on, making excellent custom optics

Optical Component Customization

Optical Component Customization

We customize optical materials, shapes, coatings, and more as per your ideas, and provide a feasible and practical solution.

Optical System Development

Optical System Development

Along with custom optics, we also help to explore scientific and effective optical systems, develop and realize ideal optical results.

Special Optical Project

Special Optical Project

Supporting the early stage of customization of special optical structure, surface, precision, size, coating, and more at low costs.

Value & Guideline

Every entity goes forward guided by some spirits. And we advance with our firm faith and value, for us and you.

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Quality Oriented


Quality is the last thing to compromise. Every decision-making shall be quality-prioritized. Give Clients what they paid for.

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Efficiency Guaranteed


Deliver products on time and provide assistance in time. Adhering to the spirit of contract, be there when clients need us.

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Responsibility Rooted


Being responsible is respecting self and others. The sense of duty shall be imprinted in our minds whenever we work with clients.

A Tour to Our Workshops

We welcome you to take a quick look of our high-standard manufacturing workplaces and testing labs.

Factory Tour - Machining workshop for IR optics

Machining Workshop

Equipped with single-point diamond turning and other advanced CNC machines, we are capable of outputting high-level custom optics.

Coating Workshop

We could satisfy all sorts of optical coatings. And they are all processed within our workshop ensuring reliable surface quality.

Factory Tour - Coating for IR optics
Factory Tour - Metrology and Testing for IR optics

Metrology & Testing Lab

Both physical and optical properties will be checked throughout the production, especially the optical features before and after coating.

Meet Our Team, Your Right-Hand Assistants

Besides talents with Ph.D. or master’s degrees, we also have highly-experienced professionals from well-known institutions, and of course, skilled engineers working hard on their posts.

Every team member is specialized and diligent. We passionately join together here at Noni ready to provide our best assistance to you and your promising program.

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