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Why Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) for Optics

Zinc sulfide (ZnS) is a chemical polycrystal inert material with high purity, made by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process in order to obtain high transmission in the range of 0.5-14μm, offering excellent transmission properties in the visible and infrared regions, which makes it an ideal material for thermal imaging applications. Compared to zinc selenide, ZnS is slightly harder and more chemically resistant.

NONI offer limitless options on custom ZnS lens and windows in the form of shapes, specifications, coatings, and designs.

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Zinc Sulphide Properties in Optics


Easy to Use at Affordable Prices

Zinc sulfide belongs to the wide band gap II-VI compound material, which has the characteristics of stable chemical properties, strong environmental adaptability, and easy processing.


ZnS Optics Offer Superior Transmission Performance

Zinc sulfide can show good transmission performance in different wavelength ranges, the transmission range is 0.5~14μm, and it is a relatively mature polycrystalline infrared transmission material.


ZnS Optics Stands Tough Environments

Zinc sulfide is inexpensive, yet has high hardness and breaking strength, making it resistant to harsh environments, making it ideal for missile fairings and infrared windows for military aircraft.


ZnS Optics Offer Top Image Transmission Performance

The zinc sulfide prepared by CVD method has good image transmission performance, high transmittance in the mid-infrared band, and high optical uniformity and consistency.

What NONI Can Offer with Zinc Sulfide (ZnS)

Our limitless custom service, which includes the ability to handle various processing accuracies based on customers’ specifications, along with our industry-leading range of sizes and shapes, offers unparalleled possibilities for high-quality Zinc Sulfide optical components. These components can greatly improve your application experience.


Custom Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Lenses and Windows

At Noni, our capabilities to offer higher accuracy Zinc Sulfide Lenses, ZnS Domes, Zns Windows for all kinds of applications.

  • Custom ZnS Double Concave Lenses
  • Custom ZnS Domes Halfball Lenses
  • Custom Infrared Optics Elements ZnS Double Concave Lenses
  • Custom ZnS Double Convex Lens

Custom ZnSe Optics of Higher Accuracy

At Noni, our capabilities to offer higher accuracy which seems challenging to others are not just our pride but also a key factor that sets us apart from our competitors.

Specifications for ZnS Lenses


Diameter range 10 to 400 mm
Diameter tolerance ± 0.01 mm
Center thickness 1 to 50 mm
CT tolerance ± 0.02
Surface irregularity (P-V) ≤ 0.5 fringes
RMS Irregularity – RMSi -D ≤ 12.6 nm
Surface roughness – Ra ≤ 2.5 nm

Specifications for ZnS Windows & Mirrors


Diameter range 10 to 400 mm
Length/Width 150 x 150 mm
Central Thickness (CT) < 50 mm
CT tolerance ± 0.01 mm
Parallelism ≤ 30 arc seconds
Sagita deviation – A (Power) 0.5 fringes
Irregularity – B (PV) 0.25/0.068 (fringes/µm)
Digs 2 x 0.03 mm
Scratches L2 x 0.02 mm
MIL – Scratch / Dig 80 – 50 to 20-10
Surface roughness – Rq ≤ 2 nm

Our Manufacturing Capability of Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Opticals

NONI combines its exceptional custom optics expertise with the superior optical properties of Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) to deliver high-precision and reliable ZnS optics. These ZnS infrared optical lenses and protective infrared optical windows are widely employed in advanced infrared imaging and spectrometer systems, where their unmatched quality and consistency make them a preferred choice.

Laser-Grade Round Zinc Sulfide Windows

Laser-Grade Round Zinc Sulfide Windows

In high-energy CO2 laser systems, it is necessary to employ a protective window to prevent damage from radiation and to protect electronic components, sensors, and semiconductor components. With its excellent transparency and heat resistance, Zinc sulfide windows as resonator windows in CO2 lasers can effectively resist the energy output generated by high-energy CO2 laser systems.

ZnS windows for FLIR and Thermal Imaging

ZnS windows for FLIR and Thermal Imaging

For its mechanical strength, high heat resistance, and chemical stability, Zinc Selenide windows are ideal for FLIR systems, and thermal imaging Tough front optics for systems, especially for harsh environments.They can protect detectors from the external environment's influence, and can also ensure the effective reception and transmission of infrared radiation signals.

Zinc Sulfide Domes

Zinc Sulfide Domes

Zinc sulfide domes mainly work as a protective optics component, to protect optical lenses and other components in optical instruments. In addition, the zinc sulfide domes can also work as a window of the infrared imaging system to protect the infrared detector in the system. NONI boast the capability to custom ZnS domes of various sizes, up to 400mm, and of diverse shapes for different applications.

Small-size ZnS Windows and Lenses

Small-size ZnS Windows and Lenses

Zinc sulfide windows and lenses play a vital role in the medical and industrial fields by enabling the production of accurate measuring equipment such as infrared ear thermometers and thermometers. Additionally, they are used to create advanced infrared spectrometers that can analyze the composition and structure of materials in small samples with high precision.

Application Examples of Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Opticals

NONI has been a reliable provider of high-quality Zinc Sulphide (ZnS) optics for decades, catering to various cutting-edge applications in the field of infrared thermal imaging technology. These optics have found extensive use in both military and civilian applications, serving as a backbone for several mission-critical tasks.

ZnS Optics for Military

CVD ZnS is a highly versatile infrared optical material that is noteworthy for its unique ability to transmit light across the entire spectrum from visible wavelengths to long-wave infrared and microwave wavelengths, with the exception of the diamond. This exceptional transmission capacity makes it an invaluable component in advanced military applications and infrared search and sight systems for advanced missiles, fighter planes, tanks, and warships.

Moreover, CVD ZnS lenses have the added advantage of being able to act as a “three-in-one” light window, serving as a near-infrared laser/two-color infrared composite light window, which significantly expands their potential utility.

ZnS Optics for Aerospace

ZnS Optics for Aerospace

Zinc sulfide mid-wave infrared lenses and beam splitters play a critical role in the tunable laser spectrometer (TLS) used on Mars rovers. They enable high-precision spectral resolution and help the laser beams focus on the sample, increasing the likelihood of interaction. The beam splitter separates the signal emitted by the sample into different frequencies for fine spectral analysis.

The TLS is used to study the chemical composition and geological characteristics of Mars’ surface, and the ZnS components enable high-resolution spectroscopic measurements to determine the sample’s composition and structural information.

ZnS Optics In CO2 Lasers

ZnS Optics In CO2 Lasers

With high transmittance and low scattering loss, Zinc sulfide (ZnS) optics are often used as windows or lenses in CO2 lasers. For its unique chemical composition and crystal structure, ZnS enables to efficiently transmit and process light in CO2 lasers. Because CO2 lasers mainly work in the 10.6-micron band, in which the light has a strong absorption ability for most materials. 

CO2 lasers have many applications in various fields. In military, high-energy CO2 lasers are used in the actual guidance system and the shipboard laser anti-missile system. In medical treatment, ultra-pulse CO2 lasers have been widely used in laser cosmetology, ENT, gynecology, neurosurgery, and other fields. In industry, CO2 laser is used in cutting technology, welding technology, etc.

ZnS Optics for Civil Life

ZnS Optics for Civil Life

Multi-spectral zinc sulfide, produced through CVD+HIP technology, is a transparent and rugged material used in various security and civilian applications such as vehicle night vision systems. It offers high fracture toughness, hardness, and rain erosion resistance, making it the top-performing infrared optical window material. Its applications include biomedical automated recording thermometers, non-destructive testing, process control, remote sensing monitoring, maritime rescue, forest fire prevention, geological exploration, and other areas.

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FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Some important information you might want to know.

  • Do you offer standard optic components (Shelf Products) ?
    No, we don’t sell shelf products. We offer customization service according to your requirements for specific projects or brands equivalent.
  • What substrates do you use for custom optical components?
    Our most frequently used substrates are Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), Zinc Sulfide (ZnS), Silicon, Germanium (Ge), Copper, Aluminum, Mo, PMMA, Chalcogenide Glasses, etc.
  • Can you help to customize according to samples we offered?
    We highly recommend producing according to specific drawings. Since there are lots of indexes which can not be obtained by measuring samples, such as requirements of material.
  • What's your MOQ for customized projects?
    We set very low MOQ for customization projects. But of course, price will be quoted according to the quantity to cover our production cost.
  • How to protect my personal information and our technical information?
    Don’t worry, we will sign the NDA with all our customers if needed.
  • What shipping methods are available?
    We commonly use UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, SF, EMS etc. We also accept your own appointed forwarder.
  • What's the lead time for sampling, for mass production?
    For customization projects, sampling lead time will be 1 to 2 weeks. For mass production, 1 to 2 months for orders with quantity 1000 to 2000 pieces.
  • Can you offer all the Certificates required by our customs and our company?
    Every product that leaves the factory has been carefully tested. We would like to offer you all the certificates required by your side. Such as:
    • Raw material certificate and technical drawing
    • RoHS Report of substrate
    • Inspection report (data) of 3D optical profiler, surface flatness etc.
    All products delivered by us will be carefully cleaned and packaged.

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