Our Capabilities of Custom Optics Production

Noni is a custom optics manufacturer strongly equipped with advanced equipment and technology to handle your project.

High Precision

Sophisticated machines, high specialties, rigorous process, are making optics of high accuracy.

Low Tolerance

Inspection is proceeded each step, and each process is conducted seriously to minimize tolerance.

High Efficiency

Not a single step is spare. The whole manufacturing process is integrated to promote productivity.

Stable Output

We make sure the same high quality each order or batch, thanks to our stringent management.

Explore the Manufacturing Power of Noni

Custom Optics Manufacturer offers Components Design and ProductionDesign Coordination >

As per your spec. sheet, we choose the best process and cost solution for your program.

CNC turning | Noni Custom OpticsCNC Grinding >

Grinding spherical and asperical surfaces, normal and complex profiles with high accuracy.

Infrared Optics Pitch PolishingPitch Polishing >

Our conventional polishing is ensuring detailed quality for spherical and large optical surfaces.

Single Point Dimond Turning | Noni Custom Optics ManufacturerDiamond Turning >

With in-house single point diamond turning machines, we’re poised to process your challenging optics.

IR optics coatingsCustom Optical Coating >

All coatings are processed within Noni and totally high quality for correct optical effects.

ZnSe Infrared Optics SubstrateSpecial Optics Customization >

Supporting special custom needs like unique shapes, sizes for scientific and institute use.

Custom Optics Manufacturer | metrology and testingMetrology and Testing>

We test both before and after coating, and cover all methods making sure precise spec.

Our Guarantee of the Production


5S workshop ensuring the output of only high-standard products, and the protection of employees’ health.


All optical materials are meeting RoHS requirements and pure to make high-performance optics.


Implementing environmentally friendly production practices, minimizing material or energy waste.

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