Sustainability, for Everyone's Good

For better optical production, sustainable partnership, and harmonious environment, we play our part positively.



RoHS Compliant and Reliable

Materials of optical components take a great impact on the performance of final products. Noni only utilizes reliable and advanced optical materials to output high-performance optics.

Sourced from top material vendors

RoHS-certified glass, crystal, plastic, metal

High-quality and eco-friendly

Sustainability - RoHS



Precise and Lean

Not a single production or testing step is excessive at our workshop and laboratory. We make everything lean and efficient ensuring a highly smooth manufacturing process. With that, we could not only meet your schedule, but also save time to assist you in developing better custom optics.

Sustainability - Precision



Happy and Growing

Positive employees are primary productive forces. We encourage their diversity and self-fullfillment by hearing their voices, promoting their enthusiasm on work, and protecting their health, so that they will spontaneously love their job, eager to solve clients’ challenges better, and boost their innovation.

Sustainability - Happy and growing



Responsible and Supportive

Noni work so closely with the communities for the continuous development and harmony of the environment around us-the Technology Innovation Industrial Park of Jiangsu. So we take the duty to reduce our carbon footprint and actively participate in community building.

Sustainability - Support

For Clients & Industry

Long-term partnership and development are rooted in our high production responsibility and consistant progress.

Bringing Clients Stable and Benefitical Partnership


Machining Workshop


Equipped with single-point diamond turning and other advanced CNC machines, we are capable of outputting high-level custom optics.


Continuous Product Upgrade

Better materials, coatings, and functions are essential. We keep improving to meet higher needs.


Stable Product Supply

Always complying with production schedule and supplying products in a stable and efficient manner.

Advancing the Industry to Develop More Healthfully


Product Improvement

Throughout each production cycle, we learn and minimize tolerances and maximize performance.


Process Optimization

Every single manufacturing process will be checked and verified for a more smooth production flow.


Supply Chain Rationalization

We integrate one of the best resources and reduce unnecessary information or process costs.

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