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What is Optical Filter?

An optical filter is a vital component in optics, designed to precisely select the desired radiation band. However, it’s essential to note that no optical filter can enhance the brightness of an object. This is due to the inherent nature of filters, as they absorb specific wavelengths, resulting in a darkening effect on the object being observed. As a result, the role of optical filters lies in precisely controlling and manipulating light to achieve specific outcomes in various applications.

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Why Noni's High-Performance Optical Filters?

Are you looking for reliable custom optics related to filters? We are here to fulfill your OEM needs.

As a trusted optical filter manufacturer, we offer an extensive range of high-quality filters, including colored filters, thin film filters, infrared transmitting filters, UV filter glasses, optical interference filters, bandpass filters, and more. Our world-class optical coating facility, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures exceptional custom optical filter services that meet your precise requirements.

Our color filters are flat glass components available in various colors, with a transmission bandwidth of hundreds of angstroms. They are commonly used in broadband photometry or to isolate overlapping spectral orders. On the other hand, our thin-film filters transmit longer wavelengths, making them reliable infrared filters for various applications.

Optical Filter Processing_Electron Beam Evaporation - EBE

ElectronBeam Evaporation

Optical Filter Processing_Ion Assisted Deposition – IAD

Ion Assisted Deposition

Optical Filter Processing_Ion Beam Sputtering – IBS

Magnetron Sputtering

Ion Beam Sputtering


Different Types of Optical Filters by Noni

As one of the leading optical filter manufacturers, Noni Optics takes pride in presenting clients with an extensive selection of over 200 options across six distinct types of optical filters. Our commitment to excellence extends to providing top-notch custom optical filter solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

custom optical filters_Bandpass FiltersBandpass Filters >

Bandpass filters are used to selectively transmit a portion of the light spectrum while blocking all other wavelengths of light. Therefore, bandpass filters play an important role in many fields such as life sciences, medicine, materials research, and environmental monitoring. These filters have a wide range of applications and provide important functional support for optical systems in different fields. Noni Optics provides a variety of optical filters, including more than 140 kinds of bandpass filters, to meet different application needs and system requirements, and you can choose and customize them accordingly.

Dichroic Filters >

A dichroic filter is an optical filter coated with a thin-film dielectric coating that selectively transmits wavelengths within a specified transmission band and reflects all other wavelengths. Dichroic filters typically operate at a 45° angle of incidence, which reflects rejected light at 90° to transmitted light, allowing selective transmission of specific wavelengths. This makes them useful in applications such as fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry, where they can selectively transmit specific fluorescent signals to detectors, allowing precise imaging and analysis of samples.

Notch Filters >

Based on the interference effect of light waves, through precise coating design and optical calculations, notch filters can achieve selective blocking of specific wavelengths or narrow bands while maintaining transmission of other wavelengths. This makes notch filters an important tool for precise spectral selection and signal denoising in optical systems, and plays an important role in laser spectroscopy, microscope imaging, and other life science research. Noni Optics offers a wide range of optical filters, including a range of notch filters.

custom optical filters_Multi-Band Pass FilterMulti-Band Pass Filters >

A multicolor bandpass filter is an optical filter that has multiple bandpass regions that selectively transmit multiple different wavelength ranges while blocking other wavelengths of light. These filters are useful in spectral selection and optical analysis applications, allowing simultaneous observation and analysis of multiple optical signals of different wavelengths. It can be used in many fields such as spectral selection, multispectral imaging, fluorescence microscopy, analytical instruments, optical communication and biomedicine.

custom optical filters_Longpass FiltersLongpass Filters >

A longpass filter is an optical filter whose function is to selectively pass wavelengths greater than the cutoff wavelength of the filter while blocking wavelengths smaller than the cutoff wavelength. They can be used to isolate spectral portions in various industrial or life science applications, including microscopy or fluorescence instrumentation, among others. Noni Optics offers a wide range of longpass edge filters that operate at UV, visible or IR wavelengths. Longpass filters are available in a variety of optical densities. Higher optical density provides higher blocking power.

custom optical filters_Shortpass FiltersShortpass Filters >

The purpose of a short-pass filter is to selectively pass wavelengths shorter than the filter cutoff wavelength while blocking regions of shorter wavelengths (higher energy) than the blocking band. Short-pass filters are widely used in life sciences and can provide highly selective and precise wavelength transmission, providing important optical support for fluorescence microscopy and other biological imaging and analysis techniques. We offer both Shortpass filters designed for a 0° angle of incidence,and shortpass dichroic filters for a 45° angle of incidence.

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FAQ, Your Handy Product Guide

Some important information you might want to know.

  • Do you offer standard optic components (Shelf Products) ?
    No, we don’t sell shelf products. We offer customization service according to your requirements for specific projects or brands equivalent.
  • What substrates do you use for custom optical components?
    Our most frequently used substrates are Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), Zinc Sulfide (ZnS), Silicon, Germanium (Ge), Copper, Aluminum, Mo, PMMA, Chalcogenide Glasses, etc.
  • Can you help to customize according to samples we offered?
    We highly recommend producing according to specific drawings. Since there are lots of indexes which can not be obtained by measuring samples, such as requirements of material.
  • What's your MOQ for customized projects?
    We set very low MOQ for customization projects. But of course, price will be quoted according to the quantity to cover our production cost.
  • How to protect my personal information and our technical information?
    Don’t worry, we will sign the NDA with all our customers if needed.
  • What shipping methods are available?
    We commonly use UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, SF, EMS etc. We also accept your own appointed forwarder.
  • What's the lead time for sampling, for mass production?
    For customization projects, sampling lead time will be 1 to 2 weeks. For mass production, 1 to 2 months for orders with quantity 1000 to 2000 pieces.
  • Can you offer all the Certificates required by our customs and our company?
    Every product that leaves the factory has been carefully tested. We would like to offer you all the certificates required by your side. Such as:
    • Raw material certificate and technical drawing
    • RoHS Report of substrate
    • Inspection report (data) of 3D optical profiler, surface flatness etc.
    All products delivered by us will be carefully cleaned and packaged.

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What is Optical Filter Used for ?

Optical filters are widely used in the optical field to selectively transmit or block optical signals of specific wavelengths, which can realize the selective processing and transmission of optical signals and meet the specific needs of different applications. Noni Optic is proud to see its optical filters employed in various complicated projects and systems.

Optical Communication

Optical Filters in Optical Communication

Datacenter: Optical filters play an important role in optical modules in data centers. They can optimize the transmission of optical signals, select optical signals of specific wavelengths, realize optical signal multiplexing and separation, and perform wavelength conversion and other functions.

Telecommunications: Optical filters play a role in wavelength selection in WDM technology. They allow optical signals of different wavelengths to be transmitted simultaneously in a single optical fiber and separate them at the receiving end to achieve multiplexing and capacity doubling of optical signals.

Life Sciences

Optical Filters in Life Sciences

Optical filters have a wide range of applications in the field of life sciences, covering molecular biology, cytology, medical imaging, spectroscopy and genomics, and play a key role in biomedical research and clinical applications. The main applications are Colorimetry, DNA Sequencing, Blood Analysis, Endoscopy, Spectroscopy, Polymease Chain Reaction(PCR), Biomedical Imaging, Microscopy, Flow Cytometry



Optical Filters In Laser

Optical filters play a very important role in lasers. They can control and adjust the laser wavelength, spectral range and power, so as to optimize the performance of the laser system and adapt to different application scenarios: Laser wavelength selection, Laser wavelength adjustment, Spectral selection, Remove stray light, Laser Power Control.


Optical Filters in Lidar

In radar systems, optical filters are used in a variety of applications:

Lidar uses laser light to measure the distance and velocity of objects. Optical filters are used to control the wavelength and power of lasers to suit different radar application requirements. mmWave radar uses electromagnetic waves in the mmWave frequency band for target detection and tracking.

Optical filters can be used for optimal signal processing and target recognition in radar systems. A multi-beam radar system emits multiple beams simultaneously, and optical filters can be used to adjust the characteristics of each beam to meet radar requirements in different scenarios.

Consumer Electronics

Optical Filters In Consumer Electronics

Optical filters are used in consumer electronics to improve and optimize the optical performance of devices for a better viewing experience.

Displays: Optical filters are used in display technologies such as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) and Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) to improve display contrast, color accuracy, and viewing angles, and reduce reflections and glare

Cameras: In the cameras of devices such as cell phones, tablets, and digital cameras, filters are used to selectively transmit specific colors of light for white balance and color correction.

A Full Range of Customization Factors for Optical Filters


Custom Material & Substrate for Optic Filter

The optical filter is made of plastic or glass tablets with special dyes added. Here we have glass filters, plastic filters, infrared material filters, and more with high-performance color dyes. Optical glass material is highly transparent and very uniform for both chemistry and physics structures. While acrylic filters are featuring good elasticity, strong hardness, and cuttable to arbitrary shapes.


Custom Shape & Structure of Optic Filter

The main feature of the filter is that its size can be done quite large. With Noni’s manufacturing capabilities, you are free to customize diameters from 20 mm up to 40 mm. And all UV filters, visible filters, IR filters, bandpass filters, cutoff filters, spectroscopic filters, neutral density filters, reflective filters, and more are accessible here with your desired shapes and structures.


Custom Coating for Optic Filter

For infrared filters, we utilize the vacuum coating method alternated to form a metal-medium-metal film or a full-sophisticated film with a certain thickness. With different processing and coatings, we could manufacture soft film filters and hard film filters. Hard film filters are widely used in laser systems, while soft film filters are mainly used in biochemical analyzers.

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Our Production Capabilities to Fulfill Your Optic Filter Customization

Feel free to explore Noni’s optics manufacturing strength, our hard power of completing or else enhancing your ideas of various custom filters.

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