Custom Dove Prisms

A dove prism is an optical element that rotates an image by 180 degrees without flipping it horizontally. It’s often used for image rotation in applications like surveying, endoscopes, and laser systems while preserving image orientation.

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The key characteristic of a dove prism is that it has a 180-degree rotation of the image between the entrance and exit faces, but without the left-right inversion that would occur with a traditional reflecting surface. This makes it useful for applications where image orientation needs to be maintained while changing the direction of the light path.

Applications of dove prisms include:

  • Image Rotation: Dove prisms are used to rotate the orientation of an image by 180 degrees without inverting it, making them useful in visual systems.
  • Optical Leveling: They are used in surveying instruments and alignment setups to level the instrument’s optical axis without changing the image orientation.
  • Laser Beam Steering: Dove prisms are used to deviate laser beams precisely while maintaining the original image orientation.
  • Endoscopes: In medical endoscopes, dove prisms are used to transmit images without inverting them, which is important for correct visualization by the surgeon.
  • Visual Aids: They are used in various optical instruments and devices where image rotation without inversion is needed.

Dove prisms are a specialized type of prism that finds utility in optical systems where maintaining the orientation of the image is crucial.

Multiple Customization Options

Custom Material & Substrate

We provide one of the best substates for your optics, including infrared materials, visible optical glass, chalcofenide glass, plastic, metel, and more on demand.

Custom Shape & Structure

From general to special surface profiles, we are able to achieve high quality. Our products include flat, spherical, aspherical, and curved optics, among others.

Custom Coating

Our coatings are precise and in-house, including anti-reflection, multi-band, conductive, edge filter, variable, metallic, dielectric coatings, and more finishes.

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Relevant Applications & Markets


Custom optics for laser cutting, drilling, engraving, and more.
Optical parts with low absorption in the infrared spectral region.
Optics with reliable absorption or transmission properties.
Custom objective lens and ocular lens for night vision.
Custom spheres, aspheres, curved optics for detectors.
Precise optics for gun laying, hand-held devices and more.
MWIR and LWIR optics with light weight to support the system.
Custom optics with high transmission and blocking level.
Highly functional IR optics for imaging in different industries.

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