Custom Roof Prisms

Noni offer custom roof prisms according to your specific requirement. A roof prism performs image rotation, inversion, and 90-degree deflection of light rays. It’s ideal for telescopes and optics requiring image flip, right-angle turn, and proper video orientation. The key feature is the roof face formed by two inclined reflective surfaces converging along the optical path. This divides and recombines light, enabling versatile optical manipulations.

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Roof prisms find diverse and intricate applications owing to their unique optical properties. Their capacity to simultaneously rotate, invert, and deflect light rays by 90 degrees makes them indispensable in several precise scenarios:

  1. Binoculars and Telescopes: Roof prisms are integral components in binoculars and telescopes, allowing compact designs while maintaining correct image orientation. The ability to fold light paths efficiently contributes to the portability and convenience of these instruments.
  2. Endoscopes and Microscopes: In medical and scientific instruments, roof prisms enable the delivery of images with consistent orientation, avoiding disorientation for users. Their integration enhances visualization accuracy during medical procedures and microscopic examinations.
  3. Surveying and Alignment: Roof prisms facilitate surveying instruments, enabling level and angle measurements without compromising image orientation. In optical alignment applications, they streamline precise adjustments by preserving visual consistency.
  4. Periscopes and Optical Systems: Military periscopes, as well as surveillance and observation systems, utilize roof prisms to achieve image rotation and reflection while maintaining compactness. They enable efficient image routing in confined spaces.
  5. Photography and Imaging: Roof prisms play a role in cameras and imaging devices, allowing compact optical paths and maintaining correct image orientation. This is particularly valuable in situations where space is limited.
  6. Video and Broadcasting Equipment: Roof prisms ensure that video content is correctly oriented when using cameras and broadcasting equipment, delivering a seamless viewing experience for audiences.
  7. Laser Systems and Opto-Mechanics: Roof prisms are incorporated into laser systems for beam deflection and routing, enabling precision adjustments without compromising beam quality or orientation.
  8. Visual Instruments: They serve as crucial components in various visual aids and optical instruments, ensuring that users receive accurate and consistent visual information.

The unique geometric arrangement of roof prisms contributes to their indispensability in applications demanding efficient light manipulation while maintaining image orientation. Their integration in optical systems enhances accuracy, convenience, and overall optical performance.

Multiple Customization Options

Custom Material & Substrate

We provide one of the best substates for your optics, including infrared materials, visible optical glass, chalcofenide glass, plastic, metel, and more on demand.

Custom Shape & Structure

From general to special surface profiles, we are able to achieve high quality. Our products include flat, spherical, aspherical, and curved optics, among others.

Custom Coating

Our coatings are precise and in-house, including anti-reflection, multi-band, conductive, edge filter, variable, metallic, dielectric coatings, and more finishes.

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Relevant Applications & Markets


Custom optics for laser cutting, drilling, engraving, and more.
Optical parts with low absorption in the infrared spectral region.
Optics with reliable absorption or transmission properties.
Custom objective lens and ocular lens for night vision.
Custom spheres, aspheres, curved optics for detectors.
Precise optics for gun laying, hand-held devices and more.
MWIR and LWIR optics with light weight to support the system.
Custom optics with high transmission and blocking level.
Highly functional IR optics for imaging in different industries.

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